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Pregnancy Ultrasound: Third Trimester Scans

The third trimester is an exciting time, as the moment will soon be arriving for baby’s arrival! Typically in the third trimester, ultrasound scans are not as necessary or as common.

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Pregnancy Ultrasound: Third Trimester Scans

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The third trimester is an exciting time, as the moment will soon be arriving for baby’s arrival! Typically in the third trimester, ultrasound scans are not as necessary or as common. There are a few reasons that a third trimester scan might be needed, which we can explore.

A third trimester scan might be required to check the baby’s growth. This is sometimes referred to as a Foetal Wellbeing Scan. This might be performed if earlier scans showed abnormalities in growth which need a followup. If you’ve had previous pregnancies with complications, a third trimester scan might be recommended to make sure everything is on track.

If you suffer from any health conditions, including pregnancy-related pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure), a third trimester scan is common. This late scan allows the technician and physician to ensure that everything looks good with the health of both mother and baby.

As time inches nearer to the birth of your baby, a third trimester scan will ascertain that everything is in place for a successful birth. This ultrasound can determine the location of the placenta. It’s important that the placenta is not covering the cervix. As well, the scan will look to see that the foetus is not in a breech position. The position of the baby is important for delivery. A third trimester ultrasound is also common when the expectant mother is carrying multiples, such as twins or triplets. It is necessary to check for proper, normal growth in the third trimester, as well as observe the position of the foetuses.

Pregnant women who are over the age of 35 might also be candidates for a third trimester ultrasound, as there are sometimes more risks with these pregnancies.

Yet another reason for a third trimester ultrasound is in the event that you pass your due date with no sign of baby. In this case, your physician will likely want to monitor foetal heart rate and amniotic fluid levels.

As with other pregnancy ultrasounds, the scan is completely safe for both mother and baby. The technology uses no dangerous radiation, but instead uses sound waves to produce images of the foetus and womb. An ultrasound scan is a quick, painless procedure during which you should feel completely relaxed. Our competent, caring technicians are happy to work with you and show you images of your new baby.


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