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New Location Opened – Georges River Medical Imaging

July 2015 will see the long anticipated opening of our newest site, Georges River Medical Imaging bringing to the Revesby Workers Club locality and surrounding areas the cutting edge technology yet legendary personalized service our Highlands X-ray branch is highly reputed for.

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New Location Opened – Georges River Medical Imaging

July 2015 will see the long anticipated opening of our newest site, Georges River Medical Imaging bringing to the Revesby Workers Club locality and surrounding areas the cutting edge technology yet legendary personalized service our Highlands X-ray branch is highly reputed for.

Bridging the distance between our Macquarie St. City X-ray practice and Highlands X-ray, Bowral, we are located above the Revesby Village Plaza Coles complex in the Revesby Workers Club’s Ekera Medical Precinct.

You will be impressed by the brilliance of Revesby’s newest medical imaging facility as we phase in our extensive services over the coming months.

Computed Tomography – Lowest Achievable Radiation Dose

Vision XRAY Group’s practice ethos based on lowest possible radiation dose to our patients is foremost in the selection of our innovative new Low Dose CT scanner with 3D endless multi-reformatting 128 slice capabilities. High quality image acquisition is possible across a wide spectrum of procedures such as brain, chest, abdomen, orthopaedic, cardiac, angiography and CT-Guided Interventional procedures such as guided biopsy and guided injections.

The system utilizes ASIR technology, capable of reducing radiation dose to patients by a minimum of 40% of its predecessors. This means that some CT scans are actually lower in radiation dose than a general x-ray of the same region.
Faster scanning coverage also means that your time on the scanner is much shorter. In combination with the skills of our sub-specialised interventional radiologists and highly experienced technical staff we intend to provide an array of procedures previously impossible in the local area.


General X-ray

Our digital low dose General X-ray Direct Radiography technology provides extremely high resolution image quality.

It is situated with room to move in our spacious examination rooms designed for our most elderly patients who may require ambulant transport along with their escorts. The luxury of a trolley waiting bay provides the comfort and privacy our respected elderly & injured deserve.

Dental Imaging

A low dose and highly specialized dental imaging service will afford our local kids, mums & dads the best possible dental radiography with the absolute minimum radiation possible.

This feature rich 3D dental imaging system provides image processing, measurement and implant planning tools that are invaluable to dentists ,specialist dental referrers and ENT surgeons.


Bone Densitometry

August promises our precision high end Bone Densitometry DEXA unit complete with and Total Body composition capabilities. This system goes beyond weight and the traditional body mass index (BMI) to determine body fat distribution. Body composition measurement contributes to a thorough patient evaluation and helps physicians monitor the effects of therapy, diet or exercise. Body composition scans with DXA provide precise and accurate data on bone and tissue composition, including bone mineral density (BMD), lean and fat tissue mass, and %fat.

The DXA bone densitometer uses tiny amounts of x-ray to produce the total body image. The x-ray is composed of two energy levels that are absorbed differently by the bone, tissue and fat in the body. The measurements are fast and non-invasive.

Again we have chosen the best possible dose outcome for our patients as x-ray dose from a GE Lunar densitometer is lower for body composition than BMD, and is comparable to the naturally occurring radiation.

Our orthopedic DEXA application provides accurate and precise bone mineral density and bone mineral content values. Bone assessment in the vulnerable region surrounding an implant is now possible, providing exceptional evaluation for practitioners and clinical researchers specialized in orthopedics and surgery.

Furthermore the use of a new concept, Trabecular Bone score (TBS) provides the missing link in fracture risk assessment as applicable to osteoporosis screening and management by telling us the quality of trabecular bone structure. The greatest benefit of TBS software is in the detection of osteopenic patients that have a poor TBS score. A poor TBS score effectively places them in a higher fracture risk category, which is more indicative of an osteoporotic patient.

Ultrasound & Interventional Procedures

We offer the full compliment of ultrasound services along with ultrasound-guided interventional procedures including therapeutic injections for pain management, biopsy and therapeutic drainage.

Proudly available to the elderly  & infirm are spacious imaging rooms and dedicated areas for the privacy of nursing home and hospital patients requiring trolleys and their escorts whilst awaiting their procedure and trip home. (Please note: Personal lifting devices should accompany patient)


As Georges River Medical Imaging bears strong ties to high quality breast imaging we intend to phase this modality in as new technology comes to hand in the very near future.


Magnetic Resonance imaging is envisaged to arrive in Revesby once the Medical Centre is fully functional. In the meantime, our closest sites are located at City X-ray in Macquarie St Sydney and Highlands X-ray Bowral. Please don’t hesitate to ask our staff to expedite your booking at these sites.

We are here to support you

Our staff is happy to provide multilingual assistance to our patients in some Asian languages.

Standing by our practice core values of compassion, justice, human dignity, excellence and unity, our highly experienced staff are long-term members of the local community keen to bring their home community a wonderful imaging service which will set Georges River Medical Imaging apart from all other imaging services


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